1:1 Inquiry

Agreement on Collection, Use and Provision of Persona Information
  1. 1. What personal information we collect
    1. A. We collect the followings for customer reception and consultation
        - Necessary information: name, e-mail address, contact number, question, title and contents
    2. B. The below information could be automatically generated as our service is in use.
        - Service usage log(log-in date), a used IP address for connection and communications
        (The talk on the phone between a clerk and customer is recorded to ensure his rights and improve services in quality.)
  2. 2. Personal information collection and its purpose
    1. A. Personal information collection and its purpose is to provide a customized service to meet the needs of customer.
    2. B. It is also to answer a customer question and solve a complaint or notice a change or update to services to customers through identity verification check
  3. 3. Personal information retention and a period of use

    If the company does not want to keep it any more, you can ask for the deletion anytime. But, the following information is retained for a certain period of time for a reason as below.

    Information retention as dictated by the corporate rules
    - Held information: name, e-mail, contact number, question, title and contents
    - Reason for storage: to avoid confusion in using services and cooperate with law enforcement authorities against a illegal user
    - Period: 1 year after a question is answered
Ehwha Glotech does not use customer information for any other unnoticed purposes.
Customer name
(corporate name)
Contact number