TEXTINNO, a culmination of Ehwha Glotech’s experience and technical capability, is eco-friendly and ergonomically designed to improve energy reduction gand productivity.

Better quality
  • Better quality
  • Maximized energy reduction
  • Improved productivity

Better quality1 : Uniform temperatures inside the chamber

Uniform temperatures inside the chamber Temperatures inside the chamber remain evenly distributed as a radiant heat is completed blocked by separating heat-spraying space and circulation space with a baffle plate.

Better quality2 : Better quality achieved with a vertical-spraying

Better quality achieved with a vertical-spraying As calibrating a sloped angle generated by the inertia-induced flow by sloping at a punching section on the nozzle, vertically spraying on a processed side enhances quality since it works as an air cushion.

Better quality3 : Specialized nozzle for quality processing

- Possible to carry out the best quality processing as the best suitable nozzle can be selected for the processed one.
- Achievable to minimize differences between nozzles in wind velocity by putting a baffle wall on the mixing duct

  • Flat-type punching nozzle
  • Slot-type nozzle
  • M-type punting nozzle

Maximized energy reduction 1: Optimal temperatures control

Achievable to control temperatures in steady manner without energy waste since optimized PLC automation systems and high turn-down ratir(1:40) gas burner are used

Maximized energy reduction 2: Minimized loss of surface heat spreading

Achievable to minimize heat loss leaking out of the chamber as a good-performing insulation material is used.

Maximized energy reduction 3: Double-screen filter

The double-screen filter is used, making it possible to do cleaning during the operation and shorten the down time leading to minimize energy waste.

Improved productivity 1: Precise speed and overfeed controlling

Realized precise speed controlling with non-slip IPM motor applied
Productivity maximized since the overfeed controlling is flexible enough to meet various processing conditions for its ranges from -10% to +80%, up to the velocity of chained conveyer

Improved productivity 2: Minimized loss of surface heat spreading

Minimized the rolling of selvage since minimum amount of tensile is used for delivery by installing selvage expanding texter and pinning device as close as possible to each other
Ultra-precise pinning speed controlling is realized with the non-slip IPM application.

Improved productivity 3: Maximized dewaterability for each textile

Realized the maximized dewaterability with differently applied rubber hardness in accordance with natural, chemical, blend textiles and etc