Quality Control

Ehwha Glotech
takes full advantage of in-house technology and experiences.
It is to run a quality control system where the most rigorous quality requirements
are applied to all protects and services in order to supply the best quality possible.

The best products

- Take steps to develop new products
- Hold a seminar for technical development on regular basis
- Inspect all products before shipping
- Preliminarily assemble a new product for test

Better customer satisfactions

- Back to operate within 24 hours
- Support customer service in 40 countries worldwide
- Operate more based on satisfactions about commissioning

Ongoing efforts for quality innovation

- Acquired ISO 9001
- Present new ideas for the better
- Turn them into action

An ultimate goal of our efforts and activities to develop a new product is to touch customers with the best quality products, a result out of relentlessly doing quality innovation. We dedicate ourselves to satisfy customers by establishing, implementing and keeping a corporate-wide quality management system.

In this way, all employees and executives at Ehwha Glotech try to enhance the customer satisfaction in quality, supplying and price and practice the followings, with the corporate philosophy in mind:

- Practice to satisfy customers through a customized-process that would meet the needs of them
- Establish a goal for the better quality and plans in detail and then try to update it on continuous basis
- Produce a flawless product by making ongoing efforts to improve matters
- Comply with laws and other regulations at home and abroad to protect the environment