Ehwha’s Philosophy

CEO Byeong-sik Jeong’s philosophy for business management (Ehwha 1.0)

Corporate Policy
Perspectives from outside/customers
Ideology for management
Educational guidance for the future
Corporate slogan
Perspectives from outside/customers
Ideology for management is a moral & ethical criteria combined with a full set of spiritual supports, fundamental values, behavioral instructions in practice, convictions and attitudes that a founder or executive keeps in mind (John F.M, 1964; Seong-soo Kim, 1995). In other words, it means a behavioral guidance that he abides by in doing his business and a futuristic instruction for entrepreneurship, philosophy and idea for management.

CEO Byeong-sik Jeong has founded and headed Ehwha Glotech in his effort to contribute to the society by creating new values out of his way to do the business. The company as a whole has continued and straightened out such idea over time to turn it into the corporate management ideology. The main theme of the ideology is to realize ethical and creative management with the attitude of being open-minded. Reflecting his own corporate perspectives, it has been firmly held in the minds of Ehwha Glotech’s corporate spirit as it has lasted for the last 60 years since founded.

First is Open-minded management. This concept is the priority and foundation among the three: open-minded, ethical and creative managements. It emphasizes corporate social responsibility and means to do a business in a transparent manger to get customers’ trust.

Second is ethical management. It means to embrace not only corporate economic and legal responsibility but also ethical responsibility anticipated from the conventional wisdom as a fundamental responsibility met by a company and define work ethics as a behavioral standard at work. As defined, all employees are expected to behave in a fair manner and nobody would accept any behavior crossing the line.

Third is creative management. It is to challenge to change and innovate on continuous basis in an effort to get ourselves out of comfort zone and take on a challenge for the better future.

Those three elements are the backbone of the corporate policy and slogan

The corporate policy puts the spotlight on being open-minded, a basis for the ideology for management. The policy defines aspects of Ehwha Glotech from perspectives from outside and customers. Ehwha Glotech keeps in mind core values, including bond, cooperation and sharing as a driving force to maintain good relationships with customers, partners and others.

The corporate slogan expresses three elements: dream, sweat and sharing as a principle and norm for all members to follow. The idea reflects our efforts to passionately generate outcomes and then share them with members fairly.