What is a Ehwha’s core value?

The core value is derived from CEO Byeong-sik Jeong’s management philosophy and five elements needed in talent people. His philosophy seeking for small but strong organization is expressed the same as in people and their organization. In this regard, Ehwha Glotech prefers the talent people capable of cooperating with each other in creating a outcome rather than one singular masterminded person.

The core value is specified for a good reason: It should serve as an opportunity to establish a guideline in decision-making and behaving and remain it trustworthy to all members on their way to practice the philosophy, reach the mission and achieve the vision.

The core value is concluded by reinterpreting the talent elements. In this process, each value is clearly defined and behavioral norms are specified to straighten out clearer criteria for better judgments. Ehwha Glotech introduces a value-internalization index to check how the core value is practiced once every 2 years. The evaluations are used all across spectrums, ranging from recruiting, assessing and compensating to promotion, educations and etc.

MORALITY Firm morality All members at Ehwha Glotech work in honest and fair manners with quality work ethics and warm-hearted mind.

All members at Ehwha Glotech as a citizen in the world maintain their dignity and reputation and not engage in any inappropriate behaviors.

All members stay fair and justified at work, and stick to the principle.

All members revisit how they behave to find out whether it is shameful to family, colleagues and others known to them.

PROFESSIONALISM filled with passion and talent Members at Ehwha Glotech use their advantages to become a leader in their fields with unwavering faith in it.

All members continue to learn to achieve a goal to become a leader in their fields.

All members recognize their strong points and trust themselves, and use them as much as they can at work.

All members do not afraid of failure and never give up, with the faith in making things happen at work.

COLLABORATION to go and stay together Members at Ehwha Glotech respect to each other and make utmost efforts to lead customers, partners and colleagues to become cooperative as much as possible.

All members respect and maintain reciprocal relationships for each other.

All members share individual’s knowledge and experience.

All members put together two or more ideas to come up with new idea and embrace it.

Collaboration lies in the core value and the beginning of the mission is to adopt the attitude of being open-minded.
The collaboration of Ehwha Glotech welcomes creative disputes. In the past, brainstorming was all the rage to find out a idea. But, recently, bringing it to another level has become all the more important than anything else.
Therefore, we believe that we will be able to make up the shortcomings if any only when we discuss about and criticize it freely.
Being collaborative basically embraces creative disputes to bring about smartness out of it.

GLOBALITY Committed to going global to stay with the world Members at Ehwha Glotech use their advantages to become a leader in their fields with unwavering faith in it.

All members recognize cultural diversity and learn to better address matters with people with different national and cultural backgrounds.

All members strive to learn about business manners and etiquettes on a global stage and become more globally capable, with world class quality of technologies.

All members try to keep general rules about safety and health for better quality of life and protect the environment.

CREATIVITY with fun and enjoyment All members at Ehwha Glotech do not stay complacent while continuously bringing about a change with creative ideas and then making it work to the organization’s advantage.

All members recognize individual differences and come up with unique and creative ideas from diverse perspectives.

All members do have out-of-box-thinking and continue to rethink about possibility beyond uncertainty.

All members take a close look at a product in the field and try to troubleshoot on the spot to fix if any problem is found.