Personnel Policy

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Job classification
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  • Evaluation/rewards
  • Welfare
  • Nurturing the talent

Ehwha Glotech implements a separate promotion system where high-performers get a special promotion to achieve better working productivity and outcomes at work besides the existing regular promotion mechanism. Necessary training and educational programs are given to an individual employee at each job level and the promoted is subject to be educated to meet a given job requirements.


Working performance evaluations include the followings: an evaluation on knowledge and skills necessary for work, behavioral traits of individual employees at work and their outcomes and efficiencies that they show in the process of acquiring them. The final evaluations are used in determining whether to promote and compensate. We also monitor working performances of an individual and a team for the fair and rational judgment.


All employees benefit from extensive and various welfare and other benefits provided by Ehwha Glotech in order to improve the quality of their living standard and boost their competitiveness at work.

Secured livelihood / other benefits Dorm rooms provided (in the company’s space and apartments outside it), corporate loan support, financial support for children education and cafeteria, and buses operation for commuting
Leisure and entertainment Family day (every Wednesday), selective welfare program, resorts and vacation spots, club activities and mentoring policy in place
Welfare benefits by law Four insurances (National Pension, medical/employment/industrial accident) support, health checkup, retirement fund program and annual paid holiday
Other supports (awards, celebration and self-improvement supports) Education program for employees (by the job level and responsibility), congratulations and condolences holiday/relevant expenditure support, awards for outstanding performance, gifts for major holiday and financial support for study (college or higher)

We have a series of programs for all employees in place to achieve greater success in our business: a strategic training to nurture the talent on merit, cultivating would-be exports in each field, support for changes and innovation, better defined identity through value-sharing campaign and a firmly running autonomous learning culture with a focus on the field.

A program to improve working performance Operate “Ehwha Glotech School” to help newcomers better understand of their job responsibilities with a mentoring process for them to be better suited for them.
A career support program The desire and talent of individual employees are viewed and shifted from a job to another as part of an effort to help them have better career and improve job capability.
A program to grow employees as an important asset to the company Support certificates acquisition at home and abroad and help some of them attend an education institute or take CEO education courses as they meet requirements
A program to help employees become globally capable ones Support foreign language learning on and off-line and study-and-training at abroad for high performers at work

Ehwha Glotech’s Education Policy

Education support Executives Deputy general manger and general manager Assistant manager and manager Staff and section chief
Necessary education courses by job level   Manager Leadership courses Assistant Manager courses junior Business Skill courses
Training on job
Basic Management innovation, leadership Decision-making, performance management Planning, performance management Manner at work, paperwork on computer
Advanced Sales, marketing, finance, R&D, production and human resources
Core-values Morality, professionalism, creativity and globality, and blend